Friday, September 19, 2008

Flax Wraps

I love these things. They're perfect for dieters: low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat...whatever bandwagon you've hopped on. Diabetics. Sandwich-freaks. And people who hate destroying the environment with Ziploc bags. 

And the best thing is *pause for dramatic effect* 
they're edible. (I know, amazing, right?)

My favorite way to eat these is as "nachos," five minute nachos, to be exact (or 10 if you obsessively measure everything like I do).

Mekkie's 5-minute nachos
1 flax wrap (or two, or three, whatever)*
paper towel
nacho toppings (I like bean dip, fat free cheddar, 0% fage yogurt, and salsa)

Take a flax wrap, put it on a paper towel, microwave it for 1 minute (in my microwave anyway), flip it over, microwave it for another minute until it's hard. 
Break it into pieces and arrange on a plate. 
Put whatever toppings you want hot/melted on the broken pieces.
Put the rest of the toppings on.
Eat. Chew. get the idea
*Note: this works with any tortilla as well. 

That was me trying to make a pathetically simple "recipe" seem worth being called a recipe. 

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