Sunday, September 21, 2008

Global Warming, no, wait, I'm sorry, "Climate Change" and fat people

That's a big pet peeve of my journalism professor. "It's not global warming! It's climate change!" Okay, well, I'm sorry...but I guess that comes with the professional territory. 

All political correctness aside (did I ever say I was politically correct?), I just ran across a little known study done by a professor at the University of Illinois that said...wait for it...

wait for it...

obesity causes global warming (it's climate change!)

So not only are fat people hated by Allah (see The Medicine of the Prophet, a supplement to The Koran), but they are also causing climate change *is proud for remembering the politically correct term*

So if you're looking for another reason to go around and promote Obama, you can tell people he causes significantly less climate change than McCain does. 

In case you don't believe it (I wouldn't!), here's a link to The New York Times article discussing the study and it's "implications":

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